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 Book Reviews
Book Review:Women's Health: Grounded in Work
Review of Women Work and Health: Current Concerns, Amita Sahaya and Sunita Kaistha (Editors). Published by The Women Press, New Delhi-110007 in association with Women Work and health Initiatives (...
by Ruby Ojha
Book Review: Managing Health Care Systems in Turbulent Times
Strategic Issues and Challenges in Health Management Edited by V.Ramani, Dileep Mavalankar and Dipti Govil Sage Publications, New Delhi. ...
by Lt.Col (Dr) Anil Paranjape
Book Review: ‘Missing Girls’: Many Approaches to an Understanding
Review of Sex- Selective Abortion in India –Gender, Society, and New Reproductive Technologies by Tulsi Patel; Sage Publications, New Delhi, 2007. ...
by Sayeed Unisa
Book Review: Psychoanalytic Polyclinics: Progressive Institutions?
The book is an account of the aims and motivations that led to the creation of early psychoanalytic out-patient clinics. The book's main focus is on the polyclinics in Vienna and Berlin, with some att...
by Eric J. Engstrom
Book Review: Typhus Experiments, Courage and Complicity
By exposing the immorality and inhumanity of Nazi doctors, the courageous resistance and dedication of Jewish doctors and the cowardly behaviour of the International Red Cross in 'Murderous Medicine...
by Richard Weikart
Book Review: Health and Health Care in New Jersey Have a Lot of History
Review of: A State of Health: New Jersey's Medical Heritage by Karen Reeds. Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, 2001. Pp 142; $ 45. [Published on HNet, November 2005] A State of Health, like C...
by Sandra Moss