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Governance and Health
As we celebrate 60 years of political independence and take pride in our dynamic private sector, our remarkable IT successes and all the other usual dimensions of success, let us remind ourselves that...
by Shankar Acharya
Other Side of ‘Growth’ Emerging Health Concerns in Punjab
Environmental problems, partly a consequence of the rapid growth strategy adopted by the state are looming large. With public health services deteriorating rapidly, there is cause for concern and som...
by Varinder Jain
Towards Sustainable Global Health
Comments about the different sessions in the conference is given here....
by Lakshmi Priya
Limits of Modern Epidemiological Models: What are the Alternatives?
Modern epidemiology has, by and large, been based on a narrow model of biomedicine and behaviour modification. It fails to answer, for instance the following questions: Why certain populations are inf...
by Vijay Kumar Yadavendu
Was India’s Tribal Demographic Behaviour Superior In The Past?
Amidst massive ethnographical and anthropological literature on India’s tribes, patterns of their demographic behaviour (e.g. fertility and mortality) have received relatively little attention. Howeve...
by Arup Maharatna
Hunger and Health: Addressing Urgent Issues
This statement following a workshop on ‘Hunger and Health: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue attended by a cross-section of India’s nutritional scientists, health professionals, public health specialists,...
by Workshop on Hunger and Health Interdisciplinary Dialogue