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 Policy Matters
NIPFP Policy Brief: Public Spending on Health in Low Income States and Central Transfers
There are two factors that make additional central transfers for reinforcing health services essential: (a) while the prescription of spending 3 percent of GDP on health may be an appropriate objec...
by Mita Choudhury
Policy Brief: OECD: Decentralisation in Asian Health Sectors: Friend or Foe?
Decentralising health services – the transfer of power and responsibility from the central to the local level should help the poor if local resources, accountability and governance are in good shape. ...
by Hiroko Uchimura
MDGs : Millennium or Moving Development Goals?Health Sector Starved of Funds
The budget 2006-07 proposals in health care fell well short of India’s march towards achieving Millennium Development Goals(MDGs), the National Health Policy (NHP) goals and fully operationalising the...
by Vinish Kathuria
Private (Occupational) Pensions in China: A Note on Recent Developments
China, as the most populous country in the world, is ageing rapidly. Against the background of dramatic demographic changes in this century, China’s current pension system is badly structured, and not...
by Yu-Wei Hu
Drug Pricing: Rajya Sabha August 17, 2005
Rising drug prices and misuse of drugs: Calling Attention...
by Anonymous