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Health Research---Why is the govenment so interested now?
by Padma Prakash
With the creation of the Health Research Department within the health ministry in 2007 health research seems to have become everybody's concern.   Certainly the Department is firing on all cylinders and coming out with much documentation.  For one there has been the health research polcy; then another on knowledge management wrt health research and then the setting up of the committee to accredit health research institutions that has just submitted its report.
The problem is that health research is ill defined---it is to all events and purposes whatever that cannot be classified as medical research!
What is surprising is that none of these documents have engaged the attention of health research institutions---at least not in public.  This is either a shocking neglect of public policy developments or a deliberate neglect of the initiatives.  Whatever the reason it is not a good thing for health research in the country.
Posted on Mar 23, 2011 | Total Posts(0)
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