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 Private Partners in the Public Health System : Selected Cases from Tamil Nadu
The paper points out that the wide and varied nature of the health sector has blurred the domain where the public sector and the private sector would function. The recent trends show that the private sector is increasingly playing a significant role in the public health system at all levels-international, national and sub-national, under the blanket of “Public-Private Partnerships”(PPPs). Such a trend needs to be seen in the context of global funding for tackling diseases like AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, the dominance of NPM thinking in the public health system, and the budget constraints faced by the national government. The paper then discusses the documented experiences of PPPs in the health sector in the Tamil Nadu context. The paper concludes that while there appear to be no alternative to PPPs their working in the health sector needs to be improved.
by Rajasulochana S,Umakant Dash | Vol.3, No.1, -2011-Introduction View  Download