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 Successes and Failures of Public Private Partnership (PPP) : Initiatives in Bihar
Evidence suggests that a significant proportion of people in India, seek health care from the private sector . However formal channels for tapping the private sector potential in a big way by the States like Bihar , has been absent till recent past. With the advent of the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), there has been change in the strategy. Pro-people public private partnership has been identified as an area of concerted action in it. The paper enumerates the various PPP initiatives started by the Department of Health, during 2005-2009, the initial four years of NRHM in Bihar and tries to find out the reasons behind success and failure of such initiatives. The learning gathered from the successes and failures in Bihar has wider implications in terms of its applicability to the third world countries, apart from other high focus states in India.
by Mona Gupta | Vol.3, No.1, -2011-Introduction View  Download