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 Vol. 1, No. 2,3, May-December-2008 Entire Issue
   Editorial Note
Research Papers
Social Construction of Chronicity: Case of heart disease in India
by by Arima Mishra, Tulsi Patel and K. Srinath Reddy
Judicial Response to Reproductive Rights: Experience of Public Interest Litigation in Nepal
by Raju Prasad Chagai
Research Note
Eliminating Childhood Malnutrition: Discussions with Mothers and Anganwadi Workers
by A.R.Dongre, P.R.Deshmukh and B.S.Garg
Gender-specific Human Rights Responsibilities of Health Professionals
by Adriaan van Es
In Remembrance: Deepti Chirmuley
by Shyam Ashtekar
Book Reviews
Strategic Issues and Challenges in Health Management
by Anil Paranjape
Fertility Behaviour, Population and Society in a Rajasthan Village
by Lakshmi Priya